Regardless of good or bad economic times, and especially considering the challenges of the past several years, protecting what is yours should be of paramount concern. Economic downturns, legal disputes and defaults all can threaten your hard earned assets, your property and even your home. MAC lawyers are experienced at structuring the ownership of your assets to protect your estate from would-be creditors such as divorcing spouses, unhappy business partners, governmental agencies and other unforeseen events. Knowing that MAC lawyers have helped protect your business and family for the unforeseeable events of life and the economy, you will be able to rest comfortably.

Asset protection is an involved and layered legal area requiring a working knowledge of federal and state exemption, bankruptcy and tax laws, comparative laws of many jurisdictions (onshore and offshore), and the laws of trusts, estates, corporations and business entities. The planning process involves assessing the facts, circumstances, and objectives, evaluating the options, designing a structure, preparing legal documents, and ensuring the various legal entities are operating properly.

The goal of asset protection is similar to bankruptcy, which is the preferable route when there are few belongings. When there are significant holdings, asset protection may be the solution. Ultimately, freedom to live without financial worry is the goal MAC Law attorneys can help their clients achieve.

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