When a person, organization or business becomes insolvent and cannot pay its creditors, bankruptcy is an unfortunate reality in the current economy. MAC attorneys are well versed in this field that requires specialized legal assistance no matter the type of filing – Chapters 7, 11 or 13. MAC lawyers have the background and experience to help you or your business get out of debt or to pursue a claim in bankruptcy court.┬áThe bankruptcy department has discharged or assisted in the reorganization of more than $1.5 billion in client debts. Additionally, the attorneys in MAC’s bankruptcy department have represented parties involved in multiple “Mega Cases” in the United States Federal Bankruptcy Courts in Southern Nevada.

In addition to shepherding a client through bankruptcy, MAC attorneys are experienced in pursuing bankruptcy claims for creditors, or forcing others into bankruptcy if necessary through involuntary bankruptcy petitions.

If bankruptcy is what is needed, Marquis Aurbach Coffing attorneys are proficient at helping you seek debt relief. It’s an involved process to assess the debtor’s assets and liabilities and provide a structure to satisfy as many debts as possible according to the propriety established by law.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

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