When it comes to protecting and defending your intellectual property, MAC has the experience necessary to represent you and your business. MAC has a team of experienced attorneys and professionals ready to assist you in identifying, securing and protecting one of your most valuable assets – your intellectual property. Whether it is patent litigation or obtaining, defending, protecting or licensing your trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and publicity rights, the professionals at MAC can give you the competitive edge you and your business need to succeed. Moreover, MAC attorneys stay current with the digital evolution as they assist clients with internet and technology issues including e-commerce, cyberliability, cyberbullying or online defamation, preparing terms of use, privacy and social media policies, negotiating and drafting employment agreements, independent contractor, work-for-hire, non-disclosure, assignment, non-compete and other agreements.

Quite simply, MAC lawyers are a sophisticated and formidable force with the experience and knowledge necessary to meet all of your intellectual property and technology needs.

Intellectual Property Attorneys

  • Terry A. Coffing
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  • Patrick C. McDonnell
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  • Brian R. Hardy
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