In the business of practicing law, there is no doubt that we all work hard and spend countless hours in the office. Work, however, is not all that we do at MAC Law. Whether it is participating in the weekly ping pong tournaments or simply grabbing a beer with our colleagues from the office kitchen keg, we understand that all work and no play make for dull lawyers.

MAC Law directors, associates and staff members enjoy time outside of the office together whether it is informal gatherings or “Official MACmade” fun. We make annual family trips out to Al’s ranch for swimming, horseback riding and friendly games of pool and horseshoes. We also participate together every year in the Las Vegas Corporate Challenge, our members play together on city league flag football and softball teams and we have countless social gatherings among friends. In the office we run an annual fantasy football league and we attend bi-weekly attorney meetings where we discuss everything from active cases to unique areas of the law. To be complete lawyers, we need to be complete people. There is more to life than just work and more to our profession than just billable hours. We would like to believe that we are better lawyers, better advocates, and better advisers, because we remain well rounded people.