Transactions are the life blood of business. MAC’s Transactional Department assists businesses and individuals by working through complex multi-million dollar deals to ensure the deal gets done, the client is protected and business can continue with confidence. Transactions cover a multitude of matters, including mergers and acquisitions, sales agreements, partnership agreements, joint ventures, development agreements, release agreements, indemnity agreements, settlement agreements, operating agreements and much more.

All agreements require review, drafting and negotiation, with counseling and advice from MAC’s experienced lawyers along the way. Many transactions further require continued support and modification to reflect the ongoing relationships between the parties. To address the intricacies of each unique transaction, MAC has a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals, making it one of the largest transactional departments of its kind in Nevada. In fact, MAC lawyers have overseen more than $3 billion in real estate transactions alone since 2006.

Our experienced attorneys can assist clients in finding and developing opportunities, preparing proposals, and addressing legal issues that arise during contract performance. Every step of the way, you need to be well advised.

Transactional Attorneys

  • Avece M. Higbee
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  • Scott A. Marquis
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  • Tye S. Hanseen
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  • David G. Alleman
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  • Jordan B. Peel
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  • James A. Beckstrom
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  • William P. Wright
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