Your business depends on the support of your employees to make your company successful. You count on employees to support your innovative ideas and creative plans to help your business move to the next level.

Similarly, your employees count on you. When they show up to work, they need specific tools to get their jobs done.

Here’s how you can make sure your employees have what they need.

Maintain what they have

When you invest in equipment to run your business, it is a commitment not only to your company but also to your employees. The tools and machines they use every day help them complete essential tasks.

Downtime is frustrating for you and your employees. Develop a system so that employees can communicate when equipment needs repairs. When there will be a delay, help them find a way to complete their tasks while they wait for the equipment to be working again.

Communication is key

When a member of your staff needs certain supplies of equipment, there should be a clear method for the request. You might not be able to give them everything that would make their job easier, but it is important to have open communication about your plan to fulfill the request.

Keep in mind that employees who learn that “maybe” always means “no” will eventually distrust your promises. You may have positive intentions, but your staff may appreciate a more candid approach.

As much as possible, try to give clear answers. If you truly do not know if a request is possible, offer an explanation for what will influence your decision. Keep your employees updated on the status and offer solutions for alternatives ways of doing things in the meantime.

Supplies and equipment cost money. Losing valuable employees can be costly as well. As you consider your bottom line, don’t forget to consider your employees’ needs and what it takes to run a great business.